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Reports & Research Databases are created by conducting field surveys and reports of cross analyses performed across the entire data pool are issued by our department in a professional manner.
Urban Transformation This is our consulting service department offering an integrated service for re-construction of urban problematic areas and/or buildings.
EVA Plus Appraisal Services for Mortgages Towards the Bank of Credit Valuation Valuation Services are provided by the common and professional staff of our company.
Construction Investments Progress Reports Real estate investors and finance institutions need technical consulting by an objective and professional approach during the development of their investment projects.
Appraisal Services Our company’s appraisal tasks are based on nationally and internationally accepted valuation standards.
Have you heard the Değer Sepeti? On our website, www.degersepeti.com, we share our sectoral data in a content enriched by comments and questions about real estate concepts, aiming to serve as an accurate and reliable information source for end users in real estate sector.

Have you heard about EVA's sectoral reports?

Our sectoral reports, prepared by our professional staff with a successful study experience for long years-includes most etailed researches, analyses and outcomes-and addresses many questions taht might arise accordingly.